November 2018.

PT. Suprabakti Mandiri joins with ShibataFenderTeam (SFT), conduct Fender Foundation Seminar, which is the first ever SFT’s seminar in Indonesia. The seminar was conducted in 3-consecutive days, 27-29 November 2018 at 3 cities which are Surabaya, Jakarta and Bandung. 

At the beginning of his presentation, Chris Millwood, SFT’s representative, stated that fender systems are investments. By applying the right design and fender, one company can save much. A lot of false and misleading information regarding fenders has circled around in the industry for a while. Therefore, the seminar was titled “Comprehensive Guide on the Importance of Proper Design and Rubber Compound for Fender Systems”. We aim to refresh and deepen our customer’s understandings towards fender system. 

First day of Fender Foundation Seminar was held in Four Points Hotel Tunjungan Surabaya on 27th November, attended by 56 participants from various company such as:

    • PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia III 
    • PT. Berkah Industri Mesin Angkat
    • PT. Adhi Karya
    • PT. Shorebase Lamongan
    • PT. Virama Karya
    • PT. Lumbung Usaha Mulia
    • PT. Holcim Indonesia
    • PT. Multi Daya Guna
    • PT. PJB UBJOM Paiton
    • PT. Pertamina
    • PT. Cipta Mandiri Nusantara Abadi 
    • PT. Aneka Jasa Grhadika
    • PT. Nindya Karya
    • PT. Siam Maspion Terminal
    • PT. Paiton Operations & Maintenance Indoensia (POMI)
    • PT. Lintech Duta Pratama
    • PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya
    • PT. Petrokimia Gresik
    • PT. Semen Indonesia
    • PT. Swadaya Graha
    • PT. Semen Indonesia Logistik
    • PT. Ulan Buana Engineering
    • PT. Surya Esa Perkasa
    • PT. Surya Metalindo

Day two was held on the next day in Kempinski Hotel Jakarta. It was attended by 34 participants from:

    • PT. Aurecon Indonesia
    • PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II
    • PT. Aecom Indonesia
    • PT. New Priok Container Terminal One (NPCT 1)
    • PT. Pertamina
    • PT. Panca Duta Prakarsa
    • PT. Adhi karya
    • PT. Wiratman
    • PT. Diagram Triproporsi
    • PT. Yodya Karya
    • PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur
    • PT. Adiguna Shipbuilding & Engineering
    • PT. Wijaya Karya
    • PT. Dharma Subur Satya.

Last Day of seminar was held on 29th November in Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung. It was attended by 22 participants who were all consultants from:

    • PT. Atrya Swascipta Rekayasa
    • PT. Zifa Engineering Consultant
    • PT. Bumi Cakrawala Infrastuktur
    • PT. Karsa Engineering
    • PT. Petrosol
    • PT. Citra Segara
    • PT. Zekon Indonesia

Six topics which are Berthing Energy Calculation, Rated Performance and Fender Selection, Different Types of Fenders, System Design, Fender Testing, and Rubber Compounds were delivered in 3 hours. Many interesting questions were asked. Most of them asked about the technical problems they encountered in their ongoing projects. 

We hope we could do more seminars and training, and we wish great success for all participants in the future.