January 2020.

PT. Vopak Terminal Merak (VTM) is one of the petrochemical facility located in Merak – the main shipping route for bulk liquid chemicals. Their berth uses SFT fenders since 2012.  VTM operates every day, 365 days in one year. 

With their extremely busy operational schedule, there are some damages found on one of their fender. VTM would like to replace it with the spare fender they have bought in the past. We perform and supervise the whole fender removal and installation process.

Although high quality fenders are typically have long lifetime (approx. 10 years), we still strongly suggest and encourage every port/jetty to have 1 extra set fender system for any urgencies.  

We wish all the best for the company, and we are looking forward to work again with PT. Vopak Terminal Merak in the future.

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