Fender Replacement - PT Smelting

September 2020.

Pilot project for ShibataFenderTeam in PT Smelting, the first copper smelter and refinery in Indonesia, located in Gresik, East Java. 

Replacing 6 sets Cell Fender 1600H, we hope our fenders could be optimally used in PT Smelting’s jetty that is used for material unloading.

We wish PT Smelting all the best for their operation and we are looking forward for another collaboration with PT Smelting.


Fender and Pad Replacement - PT SMART Tbk., Tarjun Refinery

August 2020.

Another project with PT SMART Tbk., Tarjun Refinery. This time we are replacing the existing V-Fenders as well as the pads on Element Fenders. 

Replacing 3 sets V-Fenders 500x3500mmL and 2 sets of pads, our experienced team manages to finish the installation in 2 weeks, overcoming rainy weather and high tidal wave on site.

We are looking forward for another project with PT SMART Tbk.


Fender Maintenance Webinar #1

May 2020.

As we are now having limitation to visit our customers, one of our ways to keep supporting them is by hosting webinar. We were given the platform and the opportunity to host our first Fender Maintenance Webinar to PT. Elnusa Petrofin. They are operating several Pertamina’s jetties. 

The sessions starts with introduction, then we share our idea about fender maintenance and how it should be done. Closing it with Q&A session. We are discussing and giving solutions to some of their concerns. 

We wish all the best for PT. Elnusa Petrofin, and we hope we could reach out more companies to help them with their current concerns in jetty.


Frontal Frame Fabrication - PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal

March 2020.

Given the opportunity to replace PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal’s Fender System, we are taking the challenge to do in-house fabrication of Frontal Frame in Pasar Kemis Plant.

Suprabakti’s Pasar Kemis Plant has been doing hundreds of steel fabrication projects related to mining industry. In relation to Kementrian BUMN’s recent regulation regarding local content, we are ready to explore and step up our capability with Frontal Frame fabrication.

We are welcoming clients and guests to visit our Pasar Kemis Plant to learn more about our capability.

Fender Supply and Installation PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal

March 2020.

Suprabakti were given another opportunity to work with PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal. This time for fender replacement and installation. 

PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal is a joint venture between PT. AKR Corporindo and Royal Vopak. Located strategically in Tj. Priok, PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal was designed to handle petroleum products. With current capacity 250,000 cbm, PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal will increase its capacity to 350,000 cbm. 

Using Shibata’s fender since 2008 and with their daily operation rate, some of the fender need to be replaced. We successfully deliver and install 2 sets of fender – with locally fabricated Frontal Frame, handled by Suprabakti Pasar Kemis Plant. 

We wish all the best and we are looking forward to work with PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal in other opportunity.



February 2020.

Continuing our In-House Training program with ShibataFenderTeam, this time we have the opportunity to talk to 3 engineering consultants with various port design experience. We visited Royal Haskoning DHV, PT. Wiratman Cipta Manggala, and Aurecon Indonesia.

After presentation on fender design, interesting Q&A sessions were generated. Questions were asked on how to utilize shear and tension chain. Another question was on rubber lifetime, how to make sure that the spare fender have the same quality with the installed fender. 

Our main focuses on this year is fender specification. Consultants as the specification maker should thoroughly understands on what makes a high quality fender and what details they should put to specify it.

We wish all three consultants the best luck for their ongoing and upcoming projects. 


January 2020.

PT. Vopak Terminal Merak (VTM) is one of the petrochemical facility located in Merak – the main shipping route for bulk liquid chemicals. Their berth uses SFT fenders since 2012.  VTM operates every day, 365 days in one year. 

With their extremely busy operational schedule, there are some damages found on one of their fender. VTM would like to replace it with the spare fender they have bought in the past. We perform and supervise the whole fender removal and installation process.

Although high quality fenders are typically have long lifetime (approx. 10 years), we still strongly suggest and encourage every port/jetty to have 1 extra set fender system for any urgencies.  

We wish all the best for the company, and we are looking forward to work again with PT. Vopak Terminal Merak in the future.

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January 2020.

As JETTYCARE aims to promote jetty maintenance, we were given the opportunity by PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal to perform their annual Preventive Maintenance (PM) check. 

We performed thorough check on each fender systems, measuring, taking notes, issuing report as well as making suggestion on their Fender Systems. Preventive Maintenance is crucial in jetty operations. Beside its function to find and repair preventable damages, it also can be used for budgetary reference for the following year. 

We wish all the best for the company, and we are looking forward to work again with PT. Jakarta Tank Terminal in the future.

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November 2019.

After a number of times collaborating with Suprabakti for their jetty projects, PT. Asahimas Chemical once again trust us for their jetty scope. This time, we were given the opportunity for their fender maintenance project. 

We performed thorough check on each fender system, re-coating the frontal frames, and replacement of the damaged PE-Pads. We wish the best, and we are looking forward to work again with PT. Asahimas Chemical in the future.

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October 2019.

The largest fertilizer producer in Indonesia, PT. Petrokimia Gresik manage to export its products to India and Philippines. In order to keep up with their operation, Petrokimia Gresik has its own jetty. 

As a non-existing brand, we are thankful for the opportunity given by Petrokimia Gresik in this replacement project. We successfully supplied 2 sets Fender Systems to Petrokimia Gresik.

We wish all the best for Petrokimia Gresik and we are looking forward for another cooperation.

Check out our other past and ongoing projects